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I possess hesitated to write a review because I was one of the success stories in this book. Nevertheless , in light of T. Colin Campbell's not professional attack about this book, I actually believe I must communicate up to share my story and the good health that has lead in my adopting the Atkins diet plan. I am practically 65 years old and have struggled with weight all my life. We have been on many diets including a vegetarian one with little results in either weight loss or improved health. In truth, my health markers were getting worse, and am experienced from arthritis, dry pores and skin and elevated tryglyceride levels. My blood pressure was borderline. Since following the plan outlined in this book, I have lost weight, my arthritis has improved substantially (particularly inside my neck and shoulders) and my dry skin (which 2 dermatologists had identified as rosacea) has disappeared. My tryglyceride level decreased remarkably, but more significantly my HDL (the good cholesterol) has gone upwards and my latest BP was 117/76. I used to wear a size 18 -- now I actually wear a 6 or 8. All of these results came from adopting the plan outlined in this guide.

What disturbs me further about T. Colin Campbell is that he has clearly publish a call to his vegan followers to come to the Amazon site and give bad reviews of this book, as he posted this nonsense in the webpage. I actually don't have a challenge with their chosen lifestyle, but I do have a problem with the many deragatory posts that make it clear that they could not have read this book as they have no comprehension of its contents. Shame to them. Using the Amazon review system to grind their vegan axes should not be allowed.

Unlike their ravings, the Atkins diet recommends lots of vegetables, a conservative quantity of nutritional protein and good fat. All suggestions that are supported by recent technology. Read Gary Taubes "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and also the distinquished works of Dr . Mary Enig. T. Lieu noir Campbell has used this review process to further his own agenda and has encouraged his minions to post here. They will disparage the book as well as mouth city legend lies about Dr. Robert Atkins (a cardiologist, BTW). Anyway, read the book and make your own conclusions. Do not led astray by these agenda-led and untrue attacks. This 65 year old feels over twenty years younger!!, So intrigued by this book and the Atkins diet. Nevertheless, I'm still reading this book. It has all the info you need to know about the Atkins diet, or merely a low carb/high fat diet. There are everything from the foods you can and cannot eat, to actual Atkins success stories. I borrowed this book from my grandma and liked it so much I purchased one for my sister who has PCOS, which is a nasty metabolic disorder in women that impacts human hormones, fertility and insulin levels. Based from the many success stories with this diet and PCOS, I'm highly expecting her results. I me personally have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 months with this diet. I would highly recommend this guide to anyone needing to lose any amount of weight! The pounds are literally just shedding off. Cliche, I understand. Typically the weight loss is so fast that in a matter of DAYS my stomach had shrunk (can attribute to gastric bloatedness or water weight loss) and my pant thighs were looser on me personally. I can actually fit into a pair of slim jeans I outgrew 2 years ago (Thank you baby weight. Sigh. ). I used to move my own eyes when people would rant about losing weight because I thought that diets were BS. I had developed observed of the Atkins diet years ago but on mentioning it to my mother she quickly insulted the diet like many others before, and I actually never gave it a second thought. Then I actually met my husband and he introduced me to Atkins diet. He himself had results with a low carb diet and lost about 45 lbs. In the place of business I work at, I have a customer that frequently needs our services. After months and months of conversation this individual shares with me that he lost 96 pounds on the Atkins diet!! Truly amazing. If you don't buy the book, at least do your research., OK, here's the deal for me. Within September I realized I actually needed to reduce around 55 pounds. I went for the low-fat, wholegrain, portion control approach; and caught to it pretty well. Much more than seven weeks I lost 17 pounds and was miserable and frustrated the entire time. Within less than a couple weeks on Atkins, I have lost 8 pounds, and have never felt deprived!

I actually am in a situation where I actually conclusion up eating out a lot. With my other diet, this just made me feel more frustrated. But on this plan, I feel like I can stick with it anyplace. If I'm in a high conclusion place, it's all about the meat/fish and veggies anyway. And if that is a burger shared, I just skip the bun and the french fries! The sodium doesn't appear to be a concern, remarkably.

For breakfast I have been making 2 egg cell omlettes with frozen vegetables and cheese. Lunch is usually tuna or poultry salad on the bunch of greens/veggies. Dinner is some kind of grilled or broiled meet with asparagus etc. (I throw on some rice pilaf and so forth. for the rest of the family). I gone to Whole Foods today and saw the "prepared foods" section with a whole new eye! I actually didn't even want to stare at the pizzas!

One of the things that appealed in my opinion most was that exercise is not really a core part of this plan. I have a long lasting disabling injury that prevents me from just about anything (beyond WII! ). It was refreshing to not feel stigmatized for that.

And I'm even cheating! Capture me but I really enjoy a glass of wine when I'm done with my day, (or at least my driving). Generally an hour or so before I eat. I've kept that for my sanity the protection of my family. (It's only 4 to 5 carbohydrates! ) So I still have around 20 pounds to go. Which no more sounds so daunting.

Just losing 8 pounds seems great!

I respect other's right to choose, and directly to write more popular diet books. And I actually hope that they may respect that I feel like I actually finally caught a break here!, Well written, useful, a lot of insight about why the Atkins diet approach works and the FAQ can be helpful. I actually read the book all the way through then made a decision to follow their approach. The first week was TOUGH. I actually now sign up to the low carb lifestyle. Taking thirty pounds over 11 weeks. Heartily recommend their low carb meal and treat bars. An invaluable set of products, particularly when food cravings hit or at 3: 00 am.

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