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I love this book. Dan's writing is hilarious and easy to read while also giving nuggets of wisdom. The training methods he or she discusses are simple and effective. His stories are well told and very entertaining. Simply one of my favorite books that I've read of any type., The never ending goal the best training sessions; and all of its challenges, frustrations, highs and levels is merely a metaphor for life. Coach captures this perfectly., This is the book that got me personally back on the right road. I am doing stuff and lifting at 40 like I do after i was 18. My mobility and creativity are rejuvinated. Intervention and some of his other substance has got me pondering and studying and improving, but this is the the one that got me inspired. As soon as the weather gets hotter We will be putting a slosh pipe together. Say farewell to boring arse operating and do a few Litvinovs. (you may say hello again to your breakfast depending how hard you push) God bless you Coach Dan and thanks. Looking forward to see what this ten years will bring., I really enjoyed the style of writing in this book. It was a simple read for me personally over plane plane tickets from CA to FLORIDA and back. The guide covered some key foundation principles that I have found myself wondering about as someone new to the world of lifting weights. Things like how hard must a workout be to create change or an easy to test meaning of strength are covered. It feels as though you are having a one-on-one real conversation were he uses personal encounters to give you advice. There's nothing groundbreaking in the book, but I think for the average Joe like myself who just want to be healthy and strong for a non-athlete this guide gives you a great deal of what you need to arrive. If you're looking for something with a more specific plan, check out Fat Loss Happens on Monday. It can also packed with simple principles to get results, but it specifically lays out how to eat and what exercises to do. In any event, you won't find a quick fix, but results are only guaranteed if you're willing to move away from your bad and put in the work anyways. This guide will have you laughing and learning along with among the best instructors I possess read online., Ok, from the funny book for the fitness world - because even though it has some workout programs and food advice... it shouldn't really have programs. It isn't a " do this" book like Mass Made Simple or even Interventions.

What this is - it's like sitting down around the campfire and listening to the most honest, real, raw instruction stories from among the best and most respected strength instructors in the world. Everybody I know laughed out loud at some time reading this book - I handled to embarrass myself in a Chipotle reading it when I kept having a laugh about things. It's not that it's comedic, it can that it's so far and away the most honest and real telling of what really happens as a coach or athlete.

It's kind of like a " Chicken Soup for the Soul for People Who Lift Heavy Stuff". Or maybe " Lets get so totally real about durability training that it changes your perspective forever. "

There's really nothing more enjoy it. And I didn't want to recommend it more highly., Easily one of my favorite books about lifting, coaching, and life. Lalu John talks the discuss, walks the walk, and contains probably forgotten more about good training than the majority of us will ever know., Someone once shared with me the piece advice that you should never trust a man with two first names. Lalu John is making me personally reconsider that particular piece of wisdom. Apparently something of a living legend in some strength and conditioning sectors, I only found him or her after reading a few posts of his over a random internet forum. I subsequently found out his website, blog, and articles; I liked what I read, therefore i purchased Never Let Go.

The book is a collection of articles, some of which were previously published online. Regarding course, having them on the web form has a number of benefits, particularly if you haven’t read them before. I had only read one or two of them, so most of the substance was new to me personally.

There is a great deal of good information in here, from specific programs for developing strength, size, or endurance, to more philosophical thoughts on building programming, training for the long term, and evaluating the utility (or lack thereof) of certain programs. John’s background as a religious studies teacher gives him or her some interesting insights into the way people tend to think in regard to their strength and health and fitness programs. He also has been around the block more than a few times (someone apparently made a joke about Dan Steve having coached Milo while he was lifting the bull), and isn’t scared to acknowledge his problems along with his successes.

Indeed, one of the things I appreciate most about this book is that Dan John has used himself as a little of a human guinea pig, and is willing to talk about his encounters doing this, both good and bad. I’m certain his willingness to point out the flaws in various training programs hasn’t made him a lot of friends, but I appreciate his candor and forthrightness.

Finally, and possibly most significantly, Dan John is simply fun to read. One of the great difficulties in trying to find out more about durability and conditioning is that sometimes even the good information is presented badly. Lalu John’s writing is clear, but it’s also engaging, and at times, insanely humorous. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed a lot reading a strength and conditioning book (or rather, I’ve never laughed a lot WITH the author, rather than AT him). Terrible, even my wife found some of the elements I read aloud funny.

This book is accessible to anyone, though it may be worth noting that you can’t follow every program in this book simultaneously. Well, you could try, but you’ll probably pass away. This is the sort of guide you read, enjoy, and then go back and cherry-pick ideas from. Right now I’m playing with the “one lift a day” idea, though I’m not doing it exactly as layed out in the book, because of time and durability factors. There’s a great deal of other stuff I would like to get in here too; I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point.

If you must trust a person with two first names, Dan Steve seems like a good spot to start., Finally a no bs philosophy on fitness. Completely makes me personally rethink my whole strategy and what I've been doing wrong: listen to too much noise and lose value in focusing on the basics.

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