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5 stars, a wonderful useful resource for just about any writer in the process of building and understanding their fictional and otherwise characters. We am compelled to check out their other compilations of feelings and motivations of my fictional and otherwise characters., The authors know how characters should be built to be most effective. In addition to that, they know how to clarify the way in which each of all of us writers can be effective " builders. " This specific is a fabulous thinking tool, as well as practical guide., The ü ber-talented authors of The Emotion Thesaurus have released yet another can’t-do-without guide for fiction writers.

Well-rounded characters need flaws. Building these flaws, and supporting our characters reach their goals in spite of them, is part of the fun of storytelling. The Negative Trait Synonym replacement tool: A Writer’s Guide to Character Flaws, by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, is the ideal resource to help you craft those deliciously flawed characters.

Will be your protagonist vindictive? Shy? A hopeless worrywart? This specific useful thesaurus surveys these and over 100 more flaws in detail.

This specific thesaurus and its companion guide, The Positive Characteristic Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Attributes, have been instrumental in assisting me rebuild my novel. By means of the guidance they provide, I’ve discovered how embarrassingly little I knew about my characters.

The Synonym replacement tool authors also maintain an award-winning website, Writers Helping Writers. A fresh goldmine of tools for writers that I’ve bookmarked and recommend to often.

How are your fictional characters doing? Can they benefit from The Negative Trait Thesaurus?, When you can live (write, same thing) without this and the other referrals by these 2 ladies - you're an improved man than I am Gunga Din. There's more to the books than listings: they provide advice and ideas on creating your bad guy (like he cannot be ALL bad) that was a fairly easy read and enormously helpful to me. Of course, if their books weren't enough, there's more on their website., The writing dynamic discussed inside my book, The Moral Premise, require a mechanism with polar opposite values. Positive and Negative Traits are near cousins to values. In fact , Angela and Becca clarify that the traits they index and detail in their thesaurus can be taken four ways: (a) online, or action, (b) identity, essence, (c) achievement-based, or goal, and (d) meaningful attribute, or motivation. It is this last use that completely dovetails with The Moral Premise statement. Use their Positive Trait Synonym replacement tool with the Negative Trait Synonym replacement tool to publish your Moral Idea statement. The Kindle version's index e-links to thorough describe page for every single characteristic. These are great resources for writing, too, after the MP is identified, due to the myriad examples the authors provide for the trait's cause, how they suggest character behavior, character thoughts, with the end of each descriptive page a set of opposing traits that cause conflict... potential polar opposite values. These two books are the perfect working companion to The Moral Premise astute writer., It is a really good writing aid. As a screen writer, one of the biggest challenges is telling the story with realistic dialog. The best way to achieve meaningful dialog is to produce characters who are multi-dimensional. Characters who are deeper than the webpage they are written on. This book spells out there how to give character types traits and flaws that create feelings needed to drive a story. The book also helps to understand which flaws and characteristics work well with and against each other. Although author claims the book is a stand by yourself resource, I have already ordered the " Positive Trait Thesaurus. " We would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how to produce meaning characters for their stories., This is such a thorough thesaurus of character traits, attitudes and behaviors. If you battle even a little bit with character development this book is the holy grail. It profiles an adverse trait (like saying being obnoxious, needy or insecure) and list all possible causes for it, associated thoughts that come with the trait, associated feelings, the trait's positive & negative aspects, examples from film, traits in supporting characters that would create conflict, and most importantly.... such a character needs to do to overcome this trait as a significant drawback AKA how to craft your character's arc. Seriously, you can't ask for anything greater than this. Best book purchase in a long time!, When writing action displays or dialogue of a character afflicted with negative actions, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, " The Negative Traits Thesaurus" is a delightful resource. Angela Ackerman's experience as a counselor in psychotherapy really comes in. The lady gives a wide range of personality illustrations that will match most circumstances. Even if it's just a simple word or two to an otherwise well written piece, the defects she describes adds detail and vision to a troubled character. The salt, the spice on the meat. If a writer is looking for understanding to building intensity and amplitude in the telling of a story give a look at this well written and simple source. It's a staple by my side as We write.

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