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This guide is an ambitious one, discussing the serious legal, political, and ethical issues raised by media publication of unauthorized disclosures of secret diplomatic, military, and intelligence information. (Because the phrase "classified information" is a relatively modern one, it would be a historical anachronism to use that phrase for magic formula diplomatic, military, and brains information that existed before that phrase came into use. )

The author research American history -- from the beginnings states to the present -- in an effort to identify the key issues elevated by unauthorized disclosures of diplomatic, military, and brains secrets and their publication. The author's survey of American history is interesting, and it provides useful context and background information for his discussion of unauthorized disclosures. The author talks about arguments made in favour of publishing leaked techniques, arguments made against the publication of leaked techniques, and the strengths and weakness of the arguments to both sides.

For the most part, the writer is important of media publication of unauthorized disclosures of secret diplomatic, military, and intelligence information, and he or she challenges most of the arguments which may have been made for such publication. But, the author also notes the issue of over-classification of some government information, the value of a free press to an informed citizenry, and the practical and political troubles of criminal prosecutions of leakers and the receivers of leaks. The author's effort at presenting the pros and cons of unauthorized disclosures and the government's response to unauthorized disclosures is an remarkable effort at being reasonable, but it occasionally may leave the reader with the feeling that the author is ambivalent and possibly hesitant about some of the positions he requires in the book.

Anyone considering the topic of national security leaks should read this book., I read REQUIRED SECRETS as a fluke. It isn't my normal fare.

At the elevation of the WikiLeaks and Julian Assange news blitzlys, I had developed a conversation with my brother-in-law. I informed him I didn't think there was much room for keeping secrets. A magic formula, of course, is identified as "something kept hidden or unusual. " Thus, it seemed to me antithetical to everything I was educated: that knowledge is power as well as its application is wisdom. Keeping things hidden and unexplained kept me from knowledge and, hence, from having wisdom. "Necessary" of course means absolutely essential.

My brother-in-law reminded me, however, that there was obviously a need for secrecy -- instances when it is absolutely essential. Some secrets are necessary. For example, he or she suggested I probably didn't want anyone knowing my daughter's bank account information. (It gave me stop that he didn't use my bank account information for his example. ) Otherwise, he said someone could go in and withdraw willy-nilly. It is necessary, he argued, to keep the critical information secret or unscrupulous individuals or entities will make you regret it.

My conversation with him received me thinking more and more about secrecy, more than I ever had before. It even spurred me on to start out writing a novel with secrecy, privacy, or confidentiality, or all, as a theme. It also caused me to start out considering those issues -- secrecy, privacy, and confidentiality -- more fully. We ended up, through happenstance, picking up NECESSARY TECHNIQUES to read and find out more about the subject.

Obviously, since my immediate carry out secrecy with my brother-in-law was to want to do away from it, I wasn't very near the position of Gabriel Schonfeld, the author of NECESSARY TECHNIQUES. Schonfeld argues that some classified information is so sensitive it needs to be kept secret and not disclosed, because, if it is disclosed, it can be harshly detrimental to People in america. And Schonfeld argues that those individuals and organizations who make such disclosures of a harmful nature should be punished harshly under U. S. laws.

The Schonfeld book was written before WikiLeaks and Julian Assange hit the newsstands big time. It basically covers the historical past of secrecy in the United States from its inception to the time the book was completed. Since it focuses mainly on the history of secrecy in the Combined States, including case regulation and issues covered in the news, it techniques quite slowly, especially in comparison to much of my normal fare. Nevertheless, it is well written and not difficult at all to move through or understand. Schonfeld basically will try to associated with case that the press should not be releasing sensitive categorized information that could bring harm to individuals or to the U. S., and if it does, it -- including all those who participated in its release -- should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It seems to me that secrets are just necessary when there are individuals or entities that are dishonest and unscrupulous. Of course, there are such individuals and entities. It also seems to me that, over time, the ability to keep things secret becomes more and more difficult with modern technology and social media being what it is today. Sence, it was informative to read NECESSARY SECRETS and to consider its history and arguments. I will be not certain We am where its writer is about them, but I'm certainly far more informed on the subject matter when it comes to the United States because of his book., Schoenfeld's work is not only informative but also genuinely interesting. He commences by presenting a New York Times outflow from 2005 and then works back towards that example from the framers' perspective on secrecy to the present. The book is packed with examples including leaks related to code-breaking in the initial half of the twentieth century to the Government Papers case and more. Unfortunately, as the book was published in the year of 2010, Schoenfeld just missed the big Wikileaks case, on which his perspective would have undoubtedly been informative.

Great book if might ever pondered the area between freedom of the press, legitimate government whistle blowing, and actual issues of national security. The particular book is pretty well balanced and makes a powerful case for why we must critically examine the responsibilities of both our elected representative government and the faux-representative press., In case ever there was a timely book, "Necessary Secrets" is it: With the Wikileaks scandal in the headlines, every American should be reading "Necessary Techniques. " The author seems to have tried to provide a balanced analyses of our country's press vs. government/military secrets -- and has pretty much been successful. All readers might not exactly concur with his conclusions, but this book should help each make up his or her own mind on the subject.

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