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I spent 2 years attempting to stick to plan to reverse my diabetes... I passed this plan upwards 2 years ago becasue I believed it would be too hard.. but when my sugar went upwards 20 points, I got serious... Instead of injecting insulin, I followed Dr. Barnard's (and Colin Campbells) suggest and it only got 3 months for my diabetes to be corrected... and.. it's not as hard as I thought!.. Today I will be fully adjusted to this program and see so so so much more benefits too... i. at the., my arthritis disappeared.. my skin (Im 66 years old) is glowing again.., just a few toes numb for 5 years are again to normal... my cholesterol medication is now stopped because my cholesterol fallen 40+ points and I don't need it.. my eyebrows grew back.. and I feel like dancing all day long... no problem.. Im enjoying my good health and really enjoy eating my carbohydrates again... welcome back oat meal, Taking place this program has helped lower hubby's blood sugar levels as well as given us the lifestyle where we're both slimming down and feeling better. Really bad he had to get to " borderline diabetes" for us to change our ways. We're now vegans (eating lots of veggies and fruits; staying away from milk, fats, and animal protein) and getting way more exercise. We're also considering nourishment labels more, and it is desastroso how much sugar can be consumed via products we used to buy. It is in foods I don't understand there being a purpose for sweetening at all. We Us citizens really need to start out focusing and seeking better ways to lead our lives. I feel ashamed for not previously taking the sensible approach written about in this guide., Sensable, lost 25 pounds, feel much better,, Very easy to learn, filled with truly important nourishment & body-metabolism info that each individual should be aware of. Sensible advice that is presented in manners that should be easy to follow for anyone who is dedicated to their own & their family's long-term health & well-being. IMO, it is far, much better to follow the nutritional advice in this guide and never have to deal with Type 2 diabetes and coronary diseases, rather than plow along blindly with the average American diet and conclusion up in sick health & miserable for the last many years of one's life (and adding unnecessarily to the nation's massive health-care-expense burden for diabetes & coronary diseases)., As usual a outstanding publication by Dr. Barnard, really deep and some great information. A must read for anybody who is or has Diabetic friends or family., Simple. I could see this advertised on TV - glad I bought the books. Simple processes - reduces prep time for what you would eat., Lots of important information. Slow reading for me lots of Dr. talk. Once you get through it, it is a good book., Very good start. Most things work if you stick with it. At least results can be measured quickly and often. Lowering chance makes sense, vs the disasters of late stage diabetes and renal problems. Like something else, is determined by what you are willing to do to get what you want, before life is over.

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