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This book poignantly describes the unpleasant and inappropriate situations sometimes faced by whole households when the parents are lesbian and living in the Bible belt. It will a magnificant job of describing values-based parenting! I actually loved it. I gave it four stars only because the stories are interspersed with a great deal of discussion about beliefs, and I felt the stories themselves illustrated the values better than the discussion. But overall it can extremely well written. Inspiring. I wish I'd done nearly as good a job as a parent. The 2 moms should be VERY happy of what they've completed as parents and humans., This is an abbreviated version of the complete review as it seems [... ] at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic! ), movies, & TV SET.

After sadly having to review The Invisible Alignment negatively today, I'm treated to be able to review this one absolutely. Posting so many reviews of gender-queer books and novels, many people might ask: does he have an agenda? And the brief, simple answer is yes, I do! I have an agenda of house with those who are abused by right-wing beliefs.

I love a number of the things this author claims and the juxtapositions this individual offers us in his relating the history underlying this:

On January 21, 1996, Terry Lynn Wahls took the hands of Jacqueline Kay Reger and made public, honestly and honestly, the best commitment two loving people can make....[walked] down the aisle at our church to the theme song of Star Journey: Voyager

What's not to love?!

President Costs Clinton signed into legislation the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA, a bill - sponsored by then-Speaker of your home Newt Gingrich who was carrying on an extramarital affair and signed by President Clinton who had been later impeached for lying about an affair of his own - explicitly defined marriage, in the federal government's eyes, as between one man and one woman, ostensibly to safeguard the sanctity of the institution

What's not to despise?!

There was some inconsistent writing in this book. For a guide which is trying to fight against stereotyping and bigotry, I found it odd at best and hypocritical at worst when I would read a sentence such as this: "Maybe part of that had to do with the Midwestern behavior of not asking too many questions about things that don't concern you".

It was equally strange to read this: "Another good thing about lesbian moms: That i knew girls didn't have cooties". I'm not concerned with the trivial fact of his discovering girls avoid have cooties, but that he's suggesting he could only learn this from growing up the child of any same sex couple. Heterosexual marriages can't train this? This comment just seemed odd and out of location to me.

Just what bothered me in learning this was why we didn't learn of co-adoption, guardianship or right of attorney. I know practically nothing concerning this so maybe it wasn't an option. Probably it's not even possible, but as feisty as Terry was, I cannot believe she didn't look into any one of this - into a method by which Jackie would have some rights with the children without Terry having to give up hers.

Having no rights, Jackie had no power, and if Terry had died, Jackie would not only have lost her, but the children, too, because she had no legal claim on her own family, on the very children she and Terry had lived with and raised together. Probably there were no options, when so, it would have been nice to have read that Terry tried this might the other thing, and practically nothing worked or was possible. I felt that this was a serious omission.

People who base their lives on an ancient ignorant manuscripts written by old men sure as hell shouldn't be granted to dictate to people who should be allowed to tumble in love and get married to and who should not. I would recommend this book as a very worthy and moving read., Zach's guide is kind of any hands holding primary manual for those who are wary of gay families, along with being an autobiography of a really great young man. Where i came from, in upper California, Excellent lot of friends that are gay. I actually have gay friends who are married and who have adopted kids. I also have gay friends who are divorced and sharing custody of kids. All are indistinguishable from my straight single and married and divorced friends.
One of his moms is from my hometown of Wausau, WI and other parts of the guide are set in areas I am familiar with. Really like that! Can't wait to give it to friends and family to read. Especially my parents, still living in Wausau. Their friend, " Dad Jack" arrived a life time ago and we stayed in touch with him even after this individual moved to Oregon to pursue his teaching job and live a freer lifestyle from the stifling bigotude I once hailed from. All changes over time, thank goodness! He might just choose to call it home now., Zach takes a common-sense method in conveying his perspective on love, marriage, and what this means to be a family, and units the bar high in terms of what it means to have honesty, faith, and respect for others who really are not so very different from ourselves. The truth that he is so young is astounding, and, having heard him speak both online and in person, I know that it is genuine; his easy way of communicating will come in in his writing style, as well. His rational, well thought-out argument for why same-sex marriage is a right--not a privilege--should be required reading in our schools and churches, and I predict that we will see more great things from this young man who is wise beyond his years. I thoroughly enjoyed and was inspired by this book and read it quickly. I actually only wish it were available for lending, as I hold the Kindle edition. Instead, I tell everyone to buy it--it is money well spent, with lessons that apply to all and will last forever., Zach Wahls is an amazing young man, and he tells an obvious, succinct, and loving account of his life within a home of his two saphic girls moms and his young sister. This book helps to dispel a great deal of mis-information about the life within a family with gay parents. Zach does a good job at demonstrating just how 'normal' his life has been over the years. In fact - when love is shared & demonstrated by consistency & trust within a family - all families are pretty much the same., My primary reason for buying this book was in support of Zach Wahls and all they have done in support of marriage equality. However, when I obtained the book and started out reading, I couldn't place it down. I was done reading it within twenty-four hours. He or she is an participating writer, one who just keeps you hooked. There was clearly a tad bit too much of religion and scouting for my flavor, but I do understand that is so much of his life so I forgive him for that. He is SO clever, kind, and compassionate, it was obviously a pleasure just knowing he could be making a distinction.

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